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Alternative School

Central Alternative School provides educational services to Central Middle School and Central High School students. The students who are assigned to Alternative School have demonstrated difficulties adjusting and succeeding in the traditional classroom setting.

This program (Tier 2) is designed to provide an education to students that are at risk; by providing an environment where they are able to be successful. The Alternative School’s goal is to assist students in receiving an education and developing positive self-esteem so that they may return to the Middle School or High School campus.

The Alternative School also offers a High School program (Tier 3) to assist students in completing High School and earning a High School diploma. This program is specifically designed as an option for students that have extenuating circumstances that prevent them from attending the High School campus and being successful. The students that attend this program will meet High School requirements in order to receive a High School diploma. 

The teaching staff at the Alternative School work diligently to provide a structured setting where students can gain self-confidence, earn credits and acquire the skills necessary to be successful upon return to the main campuses. 

Central Alternative School seats are assigned by the Middle School and/or the High School Principal. All students assigned are currently enrolled in the Central R-3 School District.

-Don Bess

Our Faculty & Staff

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